Star Wars: The Original Trilogy (2016) Joe’s book review

I imagine that anyone picking up the graphic novel adaptation of Star Wars: The Original Trilogy is already familiar with the franchise, and that forces it into the position of having to live up to the original. Unfortunately it doesn’t. The charm of the original films has a lot to do with the universe looking well worn and lived in, and the chemistry of the cast. Here, as an illustrated adaptation
everything looks too clean, glossy and sterile and is completely robbed of its grit. The likenesses of the characters are close enough, but the timing and charisma of the cast that many of us have grown to love is absent on the page.


One of my biggest complaints is the attempts to ‘play it safe’ and please everybody. This decision stands out the most in the infamous shootout between Greedo and Han. Reconciling the original ‘Han shot first’ with Lucas’ bad revisionist edit to make Greedo shoot first is compromised by having a single panel where both characters shoot at the same time. It doesn’t work. I say skip it, and instead spend the time revisting the original films.

Final Rating: Don’t Read It

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