Party Hard 2 (2017) Jonny’s game review

Party Hard 2: Where the party doesn’t stop until everyone’s impregnated! …er, I mean IMPALED! It’s no secret that Pat LOVES the Party Hard series while Jonny HATES it with a passion. As expected this latest installment led to another debate

You don’t get your Christmas bonus and the only logical thing to do is go on a rampage at an Office Holiday Party. Welcome to Party Hard 2, the Stealth Strategy game you’ve been waiting for! With a brand new engine and art-style, Party Hard 2 expands Hitman-style gameplay of the original game with brand new features.

Some of the upcoming new gameplay features: 

  • Take out multiple targets at the same time with a powerful Multi-Kill ability

  • Scan the room for useful objects and targets with Party Vision

  • You can now pickup up to 3 extra items in your inventory. Why not light up the dance floor with a gas canister?

The game is currently in Alpha 1 stage



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