Outcast (2016) Joe’s comic review


    I’ve been a big fan of Robert Kirkman’s work on The Walking Dead and Invincible for many years, and my expectations for Outcast were high. My expectations were exceeded. outcast-2

    The protagonist of Outcast is Kyle Barnes, a man who has been surrounded by evil and demonic possession since being a child. Although there have been many films that have depicted possessions, Outcast excels in pushing past the obvious tropes and really exploring the long lasting effects and trauma that plague family members of the accursed. Kirkman manages to create a fully realized world, and populates it with characters that feel and act authentically in a fantastic situation.

    Paul Azaceta’s art is a perfect reflection of the somber tone of the series, using heavy shadows to create atmosphere and tension while drawing body types far removed from the sculpted physics of mainstream superhero comics.  Azaceta excels at making the characters breath and their facial expressions and mannerisms reflect an artist who has spent time studying characters from life.

    Outcast’s plot manages to constantly surprise and explores the area of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ without ever resorting to black and white stances. Any horror fan is bound to fall in love with this book.

Final Verdict: Read it.



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