NYCC 2015: Amy Macabre reports

New York Comic Con is one of the great nerd meccas throughout the year and is the largest convention of its type in the northeast.  This was my sixth time attending the convention and it just gets bigger and crazier every year.  I spent three days at NYCC this year, Thursday through Saturday, and cosplayed as Black Cat from Marvel on Saturday. The experience attending a convention in and out of cosplay is very different, at least for me. I wanted to be able to move more freely my first two days so I was just my usual gothy self, and went all out on Saturday as one of my favorite pin-up characters alongside my partner who is a very small but still spectacular Spider-Man.

I confess I am not one who attends many of the larger panels, but I did sit in on one that really interested me called “Self Care for the Non-compliant” which is a reference to the comic “Bitch Planet.”  In this comic, women who are seen as a burden or against society are sent off to a prison planet.  Infractions include things like being queer, being too fat, being too argumentative etc etc. It’s a wonderful comic of social commentary and the panel reflected this by using the world of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s work to discuss self care rituals such as yoga, eating well and taking care of oneself at a con.  The women who ran the panel also presented “Yoga Quest” which I attended on Friday.  It’s a guided yoga session that is narrated as if you are on an adventure or quest.  The session I attended was based on an episode of the Justice League cartoon and featured Wonder Woman trying to save her homeland from being turned to stone. I confess I am not a yoga aficionado yet even I was swayed to have a great time while moving my body in a way that benefits me.  Yoga Quest is sadly Midwest based, but I hope someone local comes up with something similar!

One of the highlights of the convention for me was a visit to the Weta Workshop booth.  Weta are a special effects and makeup group that have worked on films such as Lord of the Rings and Avatar.  I paid to have their sfx pro put some elf ears on me, and we chatted a bit about the process and his experience on the film sets. The same hands that touched Lee Pace touched me! Ahh! It was such a pleasure to sit at the booth and also to now own a pair of quite official Mirkwood ears! The booth itself was also incredible—tons of replicas from the original films as well as maps, jewelry and other collectibles.  They even had some great tee shirt designs featuring Smaug. 

Cosplaying on Saturday was an experience unto itself and I attended the Spider-Verse meetup as Black Cat. I was especially proud of my cosplay this year and felt really good to see myself featured in several NYCC cosplay roundups! The only downside of cosplaying an iconic character is that sometimes posing for photos means being stuck in one space for a long time but hey—the attention is why I’d make a costume in the first place! I had a great time walking the halls as a well know Marvel character but man, Felicia Hardy has some beautiful but uncomfortable shoes to fill.

NYCC is a lot to handle for sure—huge crowds, long lines, and a lot of jostling and bumping.  But if you’re a serious comics fan, or a fan of current media, there’s a lot to love. You can be the first to see the newest episode or release of a TV program or movie before it hits or you could taste a Cookie Cat from Steven Universe! NYCC is truly a fantasy playground for nerds of all ages.

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