Joe’s Pull List: Classic Popeye 49 & Haunted Horror 23


For those of you looking for a classic dose of retro, Classic Popeye delivers. The comic5384102-49-variant is entirely consistent with the cartoons you probably remember from your youth. Popeye’s spinach, his best girl Olive Oil and his supporting cast complete with Bluto and Olive Oyl are present and accounted for while looking and characterized exactly as you remember. The first story is the best of the bunch with Olive inheriting trillions from a long lost uncle. Popeye is forced into a sub role to Olive’s dom as she acclimates to her new found level of wealth. 


Final verdict: Read it!


The humor and art aren’t comparable to that of today, but it more than makes up for it with a healthy dose of good clean fun and nostalgia.


HauntedHorror-23-pr-7-f45b1As a huge fan of horror in both print and film, I approached the 23rd installment of Haunted horror with anticipation. I’m a long term admirer of EC comics and their particular brand of horror comics, and this issue contained stories that reminded me of them. These reprints were pulled from various books like World of Fear and Witches Tales and feature stories very reminiscent of the ones found in books like Vault of Horror and Tales from the Crypt. Both the art and stories feel slightly derivative of the work of Johnny Craig and Jack Kamen while falling slightly short of the books that defined the genre of the 1950’s horror comic, but that’s not a death sentence.  The original EC comics are finite and having read all of them as a completist it was fun to return to the genre and get some stories that were different even if they were slightly derivative of the books that inspired them.


Final verdict: Read it!


If you’re a fan of horror and appreciate a good twist ending, you’ll find a lot to enjoy in Haunted Horror.

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