Interview with Paul McCalarney, director of ‘The Streets Run Red’ (2017)

Friend of the show, film Director Paul MacCalarney, came by  to talk shlock and promote his newest horror film for Ungovernable Films, “The Streets Run Red“, a chilling story of a serial killer and the two anti-hero detectives on his case! “The Streets Run Red” is reminiscent of 1970s crime thrillers and giallo films, and this VHS-quality trailer is another reminder that this is a genre film!!!! Long live trash cinema, long live VHS!

Featuring an all-star cast that includes horror/b-horror legends Tony Moran (Michael Myers from “Halloween”), Lloyd Kaufman (Troma co-founder, creator of the “Toxic Avenger”), and Suzi Lorraine (countless b-horror flicks…)!!!



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