Godzilla – The Planet Eater (2019) Mx Macabre & Pat’s movie review

Mx Macabre and Pat, two of the biggest monster-movie maniacs ever to waste their youth in front of the silver screen, got the weigh-in on the final installment of Netflix’s Godzilla trilogy – Godzilla: The Planet Eater! Reaching unfathomable depths of mediocrity, they go in on why this embarrassment to the genre is truly the final nail in the coffin for what could have been one of Netflix’s greatest animated endeavors. Godzilla Part 3: The Planet Eater” is a Japanese computer-animated scifi kaiju film featuring none other than the legendary Godzilla… in name, at least.

Following the destruction of Mechagodzilla City, the Bilusaludos revolt and shut down the Aratrum’s engine room. Simultaneously, Methphies reveals his plan to bring the Exifs’ god to Earth. Metphies later conducts a ritual with his followers in conjunction with Endurph to summon their god, Ghidorah, to defeat Godzilla. Ghidorah manifests as a shadow on Earth and partially through singularities, devouring Metphies’s followers and destroying the Aratrum. Ghidorah then proceeds to attack Godzilla, who is helpless against the intangible monster as its heads bite Godzilla and drain his energy.

There’s betrayal, racism, coups and religious crusades. There’s cooperation, tragedy and innovation, sex, redemption, and even a hybrid Human-Houtuan bug-baby. In fact, there’s EVERYTHING except a damn kaiju battle film! Being the 34th film in the franchise, this sequel to “Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle” had a lot to build off of. And it built it on a foundation of LIES!!!


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