Angry Birds Transformers: Age of Eggstinction (2016) Joe’s comic review


Full disclosure: I am not the intended audience for the Transformers/Angry Birds Mashup, Age of Eggstinction. I am not a fan of either franchise on their own, and my initial impression about the idea of combining the two feels like a contrivance for the express purpose of generating cash using brand recognition. My first impression was correct.


The story is basic and utilizes the allspark as the obvious macguffin to propel the action forward.  Te characterizations feel thin, and was devoid of any humor, tension, or pathos. When the birds combine with the robots they literally just add the suffix ‘bird’ to the names of transformers, i.e. Bumblebee bird, and Grimlock Bird. The script feels like it’s doing the absolute minimum in order to keep the art flowing, but the novelty of seeing robot/bird hybrids tires quickly.


angry birds 3


Speaking of the visuals, Marcello Ferriera’s art is clean and does a competent job of reflecting the art styles associated with both franchises. I have no complaints about the visuals themselves, and the transition from the Transformers universe to the Angry Birds world is handled well. For younger readers who appreciate bold, saturated colors this is probably a very appealing book. But in my opinion? Don’t read it.


angry birds 4

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