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Brought to you by a ragtag band of misfits, The Geek Down is the authority on pop culture and alternative entertainment. With news, reviews, and round-table waterballoon fights, we put a new spin on those run of the mill radio shows. With an unfettered, realist point of view and tongue-in-cheek attitude when necessary, there’s no better outlet for the latest on comics, games, movies, music, fashion and more.

Produced by past and present journalists from various walks of life, the Geek Down crew brings a diverse sensibility to the airwaves. We reach 5,000 plus listeners every week (approx. 45,000 unique hits per month) and we take our responsibility to them seriously. Audiences should feel engaged, entertained and well informed at their radios/computers/dashboards/etc. We bring this with the most current events, happenings, and entrepreneurs, and to stop listeners from wasting money on that which is unworthy and shall not be named.

We offer live broadcasts, podcasts, YouTube shows, Twitch streams, and on-site event coverage. The Geek Down is all about merging its love of nerd culture with those steadfast forms of Internet entertainment. Come join us…


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“The Geek Down” – Mondays 9:00pm WEMF Radio